Rebrand God

Rebranding of Crucifix, Workshop 2020

This project was special as it was directed by Ian Anderson from The Designers Republic and also as the rebranding topic was symbol of cristianity - crucifix.


Our team found out that some of the biggest modern problems in cristianity are blamings from past (rape cases) - thats why we are trying to make the symbol transparent by using negative space. From now on also we want to make cristianity more for people rather instead of looking up to some symbol of God in heights. The thought "love your neighbour as yourself" is present as we see two lines which represents two persons.
You and your neighbour. 

gravestoneNávrhová plocha 1 kopie
gravestoneNávrhová plocha 1 kopie.jpg
gravestoneNávrhová plocha 1 kopie